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 Hi, my name is Steve Bethea. I have dedicated over 20 years to becoming a better athlete while obtaining a degree in engineering and working a full-time office job.
I’ve varied my training from martial arts (karate, judo and kickboxing) to sports (football, track, and basketball), while reading and learning about the human body and nutrition so I can fuel myself properly.
I am a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in getting fast results for my clients through intense training and focus on lifelong behavior changes; I'm also Certified in Nutritional Science and physique coaching. On top of that, I have developed programs to get people in the best shape of their life.
I am absolutely convinced that with God 1st, hard work, and focus – anything is possible.
I started REAL Fitness to communicate my God-given revelation about health & wellness to believers everywhere, so they can live in the fullness of the blessings of our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual health available through Jesus Christ. 

REAL Fitness Ministry

Are you a Christian pastor or church leader who struggles with living a healthy lifestyle, or maybe you just don't know where to start? Well, you're not alone. At REAL Fitness Ministry, we understand that Christians can be unhealthy and too distracted to prioritize their health and wellness.
But here's the thing: taking care of our bodies (temple of the Holy Spirit) is of utmost importance, and our motives matter. 
That's where REAL Fitness Ministry comes in. Our mission is to educate and equip Christians to live healthy lives and honor God with their bodies. Our vision is to change the Christian culture as it pertains to health and wellness.
We currently focus on pastors and leaders, equipping them through education, spiritual revelation, and physical training. As we empower our shepherds, we will begin to see changes in the entire body of Christ. We believe that God wants to start this change from the top down.
As leaders change their mindsets and lifestyles, it will pour into their congregations.
Our priority is to minister truth and get physical results for our clients. REAL Fitness seeks to change lives through deep spiritual revelation, not just to get you "in shape" like worldly fitness coaches. We win when clients' lives change permanently, making an eternal difference.
Our guiding principles are simple: 
  • God wants everyone to be healthy and well. 
  • Sickness and disease are not from God. 
  • We live healthy lifestyles that honor God because that's who we are. 
  • And finally, your health and wellness aren't just for you; it's for your mission, your family, and your legacy.
So, are you ready to make a change? Let REAL Fitness Ministry equip you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to live a healthy life that honors God. Apply here!

We are creating a network of Christian Personal Trainers all throughout the United States to provide REAL Fitness Ministry training in every area of the country. We are connected with trainers and clients online through small group sessions and an app that facilitates community and accountability.
This ministry is made possible by donations. Your faith and gifts for our mission is what makes this change possible for the body of Christ!
Any pastor/leader that is convicted by the Holy Spirit to get their health and fitness back on track for the glory of God, is encouraged to join this program. Congregations can support their leaders by financially contributing to their lives being changed for the glory of God's Kingdom.

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Regular Online Coaching Available For All:


Our Personalized Coaching is designed for those who are tired of guesswork and want to know exactly what they need to do for their bodies to get back on track. With 20+ years of experience in fitness, certifications in training and nutritional science, and my convictions to honor God with our bodies, I am very motivated and equipped to disciple you to a healthy lifestyle.  
As soon as you sign up, we will get started on getting to know you, determining your specific personal goals, and developing specific workout and nutritional guidance based on your schedule and preferences. 
As we set up your daily habits, you will be able to track them in an app. In your weekly check-in appointments with me, we will assess your progress and adjust accordingly. 
When you join my Personalized Online Coaching, you will immediately receive access to the entire REAL FITNESS content and community. This will provide great information and accountability in addition to your Personalized Coaching to keep you on track and give you great workouts, nutritional information, and encouragement. 

What you Get:

  • Tailored workout program that follows and adapts to your progress
  • Personalized nutritional guidance
  • Accountability for your daily eating and activity habits
  • Weekly 1 on 1 check-ins with your coach
  • Access to the entire REAL FITNESS content and community

Take all the guesswork out of training and let my science-backed approach work for you!

Apply for personalized coaching here: Application

  Bring a friend and get $100 off your first month*!

*$100 off for the first month with client referral and a 3-month commitment.


Real Fitness is a hub of information about health and wellness for anyone, especially believers that want to focus on health and wellness from a Kingdom perspective.

There are four cornerstones:

Relationship = Foundational Relationship With God
Education = Fitness and Nutrition Information
Action = Training Exercises and Tips
Lifestyle = Balance and Life Integration

Summit Cross, Peak Happiness, Hochlantsch, Mountain


Before really committing to being more healthy and doing the things necessary to be completely successful in this, having a stable relationship with the Lord is paramount; you have to trust God and His Word. Understanding and believing that a healthy lifestyle is the Christian lifestyle is key.

Diabetes monitor, Cholesterol diet and healthy food eating nutritional concept with clean fruits in nutritionist's heart dish and patient's  blood sugar control record with diabetic measuring tool kit Diabetes monitor, Cholesterol diet and healthy food eating nutritional concept with clean fruits in nutritionist's heart dish and patient's  blood sugar control record with diabetic measuring tool kit health education stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


In order to make better decisions you have to be educated. It’s crucial to know what the word of God says regarding stewarding our bodies  and have some knowledge about the food you ingest and the effects it has on your health. This will empower you to say no to foods  and Habits that are damaging to your body.  


Our bodies are designed to move, and depending on the lifestyle and health goals, daily activity will look different for everyone. But as Christians we should strive to be generally fit. Find a physical activity you enjoy and do it often; exercise is a celebration of the gift of our bodies. Engaging in regular strength training will help to make you strong and prevent injury as you age. 


To make all of this work, you have to commit to a lifestyle change and make wellness a priority. We all have time to do what is required to be well, we just don’t make the time. Make it a priority by resolving in your mind that your fitness isn`t just for you. You’re being obedient to the Lord and His will for your life, and when you practice complete wellness it will give you a lane to lead more people to Jesus. There isn’t much more important than that.